The musical atmosphere of “The Willow” is a mixture of Folk/Rock or Indie/Folk genre and Persian folk poem, and is familiar and agreeable to the audience. The simple, and yet profound, poem of Baba Tahir is in line with the general idea and spirit of the track’s composition and structure. Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica, both of which are Folk/Rock instruments, serve as the main instruments of the album. Of course due to the nature of this atmosphere, we have other instruments too. Sometimes we have replaced Harmonica with Ney; also due to the atmosphere, we have also used Setar. In the arrangement of the majority of these tracks, we have tried to position the audience face to face with their naked musical body. The naïve nature of Baba Tahir’s poem appeals to our ears; therefore to keep up with the poems, we have avoided any unnecessary decorative, and maintained a simple music. This idea is the legacy of old and traditional Persian folk music, which puts greatest impacts on the audience in a most minimal state. This album was composed and played by Hossein Rangchi, and the track “willow” was arranged by Pedram Afshin.